Pardon the dust

Pardon our dust Why is it I have no problems making websites for other people but struggle with making one for myself? As I get comfortable with this sites layout I will make more design changes.

If you have any advice on widgets or layout, let me know. I love to be inspired.

until then, Stay Random!



2 thoughts on “Pardon the dust

  1. In the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine there is a character called, as I recall, Jeremy Hillary Hickory Boob, who’s a lot like you. He does everything and can’t focus on one thing. I know that feeling. Writing – you do well. ART you do weller – cool word! Made it up. It’s also a name of a Pottery Company.~. DOM, I have several of your wonderful D.A.W. creations in my life and I get to enjoy them on a daily basics. Finding all this talent within ones self is an endless life journey. As you get older the path to an inner peace will grow and glow. It get’s brighter the older you get. Someday you will stand on the other side of life’s mirror and be warmed by the trail you have left in your shadow. Your kids’s will go onto college and start their own families. You and Karen will keep busy, I’m sure.
    I’ll be 71 soon and I’m in a national museum for the second time. I have published 2 books. I have a blog. I just finished over 200 one of a kind Christmas and Hanuka cards. Last week I finished a scrapbook for a gift and plan on doing several more before Christmas. Yesterday I even early voted. I get up in the morning and I have no idea what is going to pop out of the day and make me jump up and down and be excited to be alive. But I know one thing for sure, something will…like reading your blog and being ever so grateful that you’re part of Bobby’s Wonderful Life. Thank you. I love you.

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