Never shake hands with a cactus.

There’s magic in a desert night. When stars fall down to human height;
I filled my pockets, filled my hands, and more stars fell upon the sands.
The gentle breeze that shook the sky sent starry windfalls sailing by,
And whirlwinds scuffling on the ground, kicked stars into a silver mound.
Despite this bounty in my clutch, millions more were there to touch —
The desert night must play a trick, hanging stars low down to pick!

~Lenore Eversole Fisher, “Desert Harvest,” in Arizona Highways, February 1965


6 thoughts on “Never shake hands with a cactus.

  1. I have shook hands, inadvertently,
    With a fish hook cactus, fortunately.
    I have been pricked, body pierced,
    A prickly pear once did its worse.
    An old mans beard, did me too,
    Beneath it’s frond’s, spines to rue..
    So all in all, with Don I do agree.
    For most cacti are very, very prickly/
    So never shake hands intentionally,
    You will get so hurt, most certainly.
    But if at times you find you really must,
    Then in thick leather gloves do trust.
    But if these words you do not heed,
    Then tis your fault when you bleed!

    Mick Talbot 2016

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