Adventure day! 

Sunday funday! The last few Sunday afternoons my wife and I took our kids on an adventure. Today we coined it adventure day! Nothing extravagant, just time away from Minecraft, Pokémon and even for us making art. Today we’re going to drive to Elk Neck state park to visit a lighthouse and just to see nature.

It’s fall on the east coast of the United States so we’re blessed with a brilliant display from nature. The trees are ablaze with fiery reds, oranges and yellows. A perfect backdrop for those seeking a meeting with her, or just looking to see something beautiful.

Look at the different coloured leaves, Swaying gently with the breeze, Lovely reds, browns and greens, All waiting to fall from the trees.

When they leave they twist and turn, Ready to join the masses of fern, Landing softly on the ground, You can taste the smell of autumn, all around.

by Ernestine Northover


6 thoughts on “Adventure day! 

  1. Alas Fall beckons, it beckons your call – their leaves all aglow are starting to fall – and that isn’t all – because the trees naked won’t seem so tall. In another day or so they will be completely bear. But you’ll be in some warm house, all toasty without even a care. And I in my studio with look out and see, a reflection in another season, and that season will be me. Cold and old. Shivering but bold, for I am winterizing, so I’ve been told. I call it excess baggage, but some won’t call it that. Some will say I’m BIG BONED but some will say I’m FAT! So I leave you with words to share with your kind . Take lots of journeys – blow your own mind. Tender memories somehow will await you in time. Find an inner peace and you circle this land. Hold on to each other, clutch each person’s hand. The day will be come when you look back on this Fall and remember that tree that wasn’t so tall.

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