Americano with soy please

I love my family and spending time with them but there is something about jumping in the car and going somewhere by yourself, even if it is just for a cup of coffee and watching the water. I love to go down to watch the water. When I was a kid I would do it often. Maybe as a way to destress, or maybe I just like the hypnotic effect of rolling water. In any case it was short but fun. Then I got to do my second favorite thing sing badly in my car. : )

I need to learn video editing for my job, so I thought it would be a good time to film a short movie about my coffee date with the water : ) Hope you watch it and have a happy Thanksgiving-eve (not really sure it’s a thing, but oh well)

-Stay Random



8 thoughts on “Americano with soy please

  1. Loved the video
    Would have liked the music credit a few seconds longer
    But was really impressed with quality
    So stable and with movement – gosh you are good
    And fun parts!
    And how can an americano be with soy?
    Won’t that make it a soy latte ?

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    1. Thanks! I think your right I should of made the credits a little longer. Both drinks are pretty close but the latte doesn’t have as much water and it has more soy. 🙂 so maybe it’s a soy latte with less milk and extra water lol ☕️

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