I hope I don’t go to jail

Beyond this sign might be your best photograph ever! 

Rules are made to keep us safe, but you have to know when not to follow them. If you always follow them you will never know the secret of what’s on the other side! In my life, the sweetest fruits have always been on the thinnest, most rule guarded branches. There have been times when I have been detained because stopping on the side of the road to photograph a bridge draws attention from the authorities; but so will scaling a building to capture an amazing sunset over the city.


Yesterday we went to a National Park that had so many rules on where you could go. I’m sure they are thinking about safety for the masses, but I’m not a mass. I am a person, a person who wants to show what’s on the other side of where you should be.

As a photographer, the best shots are always, without a doubt, in the places that are hard to reach or uncomfortable to get to. It’s like nature demands a test to get it’s treasure. Sometimes it’s a long walk in bramble bushes, boggy moors, bug infested swamps or smooth as silk rocks with a long drop down. Other times it may be a small ledge that holds the perfect shot if only you can repress your fear of heights to capture the sunset you’ve been after.

While I’m not suggesting we should be careless in our adventures, we only have one life and body. I am suggesting that sometimes you should take a chance and break the rules, color outside the lines, hop the guardrail to get that shot. You might be surprised at what you discover both in your art and within yourself.

Here are some of the photographs from yesterday. I will be uploading a montage video to my youtube channel. If you haven’t yet subscribed to my youtube channel please check it out and if you like short art videos, please consider subscribing CLICK HERE to visit my channel.



24 thoughts on “I hope I don’t go to jail

      1. Yea I decided to climb down a rock formation to get close to the water. I didn’t take into account that thousands of years would leave the rocks as smooth as glass. lol I’m glad I keep an extra change of cloths in my truck.

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  1. Some rules are always meant to be broken, while others are put there for our safety.. But it appears alls well that ends well.. And your photo’s are a delight in that they bring us the grandeur of Mother Nature.. And I am pleased you didn’t drown in order to post them.. 🙂

    ( Many thanks for your recent follow, I appreciate the visit )
    Enjoy the rest of your explorations of Mother Earth and please do watch the Signs. LOL.. 🙂 She often can have two sides to her Nature 😉
    Blessings to you and yours

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  2. Your photographs are exceptional, but having just found you at “simply-Me” following left threads like Hansel and Gretel’s crumbs. I would appreciate a little safety… a hard hat and feet on solid ground for a start. My fear of heights and an inner ear problem ( almost recovered 2nd day without being sick in a month) You had me shaking just by reading. SO STOP! taking risks is… commenting on strangers blogs, having virtual followers that (god forbid) may not be who they seem… not I say NOT! risking life limb and freedom for a photo that probably is already somewhere in the ether. Oh by the way… pleased to virtually meet you.

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  3. It is a fine line. As someone who has worked in natural areas, I have seen what happens when special places are not protected FROM the masses. People can be shockingly destructive. Many even seem to want to be. It can be heartbreaking. Even walking off trail in a delicate habitat can create a break in the network of roots holding fragile soils. Then the next person comes along, and the next. Some areas simply don’t heal from that. And yet, certainly I see your point that we only have one life and it would be a shame to never see what is on the other side. Please always be careful to do no harm, and spread the word.

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