Turning a cherry wood bowl

Wow, I have started this post about 4 times. My goal was to say something clever and show my art project for tonight. I think I ran out of clever. Laziness is kicking in pretty hard. Ummmm soft bed is calling…. ok my next post will be clever. So here’s what I did tonight.  

Goodnight and stay Random 👾

13 Comments on “Turning a cherry wood bowl

  1. I have always wondered about the process – we have a few wooden serving items and I love them – one is a platter with three sections and well/ they have such a nice and organic feel.
    Anyhow / I love your work

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    • Thank you for the compliment! I love the idea that all of these things are hidden in wood. Nature has so many hidden treasures ✌️️

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      • Nature does – and You have a talent.
        I was at a small art exhibit and a man was selling his wooden wares and I had no idea how me made them –
        And your posts give us some back story –

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  2. Wow, that turned out really great! I’ve turned a couple bowls myself. It’s always satisfying to see a block of wood be turned into something so beautiful! I love how it has a very “natural” and “rough” look to it. The contrast between the soft and hart wood adds a lot of character too!


    • Allen, thank you. Wood turning has been such a nice adventure. I agree seeing something come from potentially firewood to a bowl is cool.

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